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Fall 2014 •  Visiting Lecturer


Audio Mastering (Graduate)


Fall 2013 - Spring 2014 • Teaching Assistant


Digital Audio Processing 1& 2 (Graduate)


Fall 2017 to  Present •  Adjunct Professor

Recording Arts 2 (Undergraduate)



Fall 2014 to Present • Adjunct Lecturer of Music


Music History

History of Recorded Music

Computer Music

Advanced Computer Music

Recording Techniques for Music

Mixing & Mastering

Science of Recorded Sound

Instructor for the College Now Summer Program

College Now is a collaborative program between CUNY and NYC public schools, preparing high school students for college and offering dual enrollment with CUNY schools.


Flexibility is a key trait in any educator. Every student is unique, with their own learning style and learning pace. When teaching any topic, I try to get to know the students as best I can. I learn who the students are, what they are looking to get out of a class, and how they generally like to work. By maintaining flexibility in this process, I can personalize the class to their individual needs as much as possible.

I strive to inspire growth by showing students what is out there, and what is possible; get them out of their comfort zones. If I teach things they already know, they won’t learn anything. I like to use new technologies, and old technologies in novel ways to bring students a broader perspective and encourage creative solutions to complex problems.

Hands on, interactive learning is key, especially when working with technology, but this should not undermine the importance of having a solid grasp of theoretical fundamentals. I strongly believe the classroom needs a heaping helping of both the theoretical and hands-on, presented to the students simultaneously. If you are not using the theoretical knowledge in your hands-on work or vice versa, the two will become completely separate from each other. In actuality, they are necessarily complementary, informing on each other. Spend as little time as possible showing people how to do something. People learn so much faster if they do things on their own and make mistakes along the way.

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